Felt Flower

The fab, flower-power feel of the ‘60s in bright, kicky colors.

Colors: Jade/Lavender, Denim/Blue, Lavender/Pink, Brown/Gold, Red/Navy, Peach/Pink, Green/Pink
Pink/White, Black/Ivory, Shocking/Navy, Hot Pink/Purple, Red/Gold, & Orange/Pink.

Felt Flower French Clip (VFTEXTFFCL) $16.50

Felt Flower Toddler Clip (VFTEXTFFTC) $9.70

Felt Flower Pinch Clip (VFTEXTFFPC) $9.70

Felt Flower Pony (VFTEXTFFPY) $9.70

Felt Flower Headband (VFTEXTFFHB) $19.70

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